Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Vintage Janet Moment

Found this while digging around for some material for an upcoming Paper Darts Magazine comics exhibition. This won't be in it, but I found it appropriate to sneak in here. Pre-order info for Eel Mansions No.2 coming soon.....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Eel Mansions No. 2 Update & Rough Publishing Schedule

Aye, it was a cruel and nasty winter that just passed us by here in Minneapolis, BUT it is over and the plants are in the ground and the rent still manages to get paid, so yeah, everything is dandy. Last night I finished drawing another 38 page issue of Eel Mansions and now just comes the editing, scanning, and dot tones part to get it ready for the Autopic Fest in August. I know, that's way the hell in the future but the good news is that I'll have my groove going and a shorter issue No. 3 will be ready in time for SPX in September. And then No. 4 in November. So yes, lots of drawing between now and then plus a major exhibition of new art next spring/early summer. This is a BUSY summer for sure. I dig. Just gotta get that cd player component workin' again. Don't worry, the vinyl still gets a workout. Music is very important in the creation phase. Anyways, here's an uncorrected Doomin' page from No. 2. Enjoy.