Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hit The Liqour Store/Eel Mansions Is Here!

The wait is nearly over, advance copies of Eel Mansions are here! If you pre-ordered through Uncivilized Books, your books start shipping today, if not they'll hit stores by the end of the month. Uncivilized is still doing their discounted pre-order pricing, so if you'd like to save a few clams, there ya go.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Further Explorations From The Files

What's that? Hell yes. Indeed.

More drawings/sketches/doodles/studies available for purchase here. Twenty four drawings so far. I'll make a point to keep adding frequently. In other news I may have either written my best or absolute worst song ever. We'll see if I can sneak it into the Murder Shoes set. Meanwhile, we start recording next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eel Mansions Graphic Novel Debut/ CAB Fest

November is nearly upon us and so are the advance copies of the big ass Eel Mansions books! Issues one through six re-edited and collected for easy digestion, published by the fine folks at Uncivilized Books. We'll be debuting the books at the CAB fest in Brooklyn and I'll be on hand to sign books, un-pack boxes, shake hands, and all that jazz. NYC can be an expensive place. Well, having lived there for 14 years, I know if for a fact, so to ease the burden of modern travel, I look to you, the saavy, critical, adorable art buyer to see this through. Every day this week I'll be offering new drawings for purchase. All manners of stuff. A shotgun blast of culture.

Take a gander, here.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eel Mansions Au-Go-Go

Here it is, two years and 250 pages later, the complete first storyline (or foundation layer) of Eel Mansions. The tall humans at Uncivilized Books can help you complete your set.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eel Mansions Audio Discussion On Comics Alternative

I was recently interviewed by Derek Royal and Andy Kunka from Comics Alternative about Eel Mansions. It was a fun discussion, and I probably got off point more than a few times, but hell, that's me. When I did stay on topic, I discussed the music portion of Eels, the characters, soap operas, the single issues vs. the collected book, Mome, and the future.

During the show they played some new home demos of mine. While I haven't posted any of them, I can at least point you to some full band recordings that the group I'm in, Marriage At Nevers, just released a few days ago. Check those out here.

Issue 6 and the collected book are in the can, so expect Eel Mansions 6 to start shipping next week and the big ol' book to happen around Nov/Dec.

Take a listen.

Also, if you like that page of Janet dancing, you should check out the song she's dancing to, it's "Roaches" by The Judge n' Jury on Verve records.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mammoth Eel Mansions No.4 Review at Comics Bulletin

Daniel Elkin, Keith Silva, and Taylor Lilley delve further into the Eel Mansions tangled web webs. Pour yourself a stiff one, as this might be the most in-depth and hilarious critique yet. Read the entire article here.