Friday, April 3, 2015

Maybe You Can

So maybe you knew or maybe you didn't, but I'm currently playing in a band called Murder Shoes. This isn't very unusual, I'm involved in music as much as I can be, having played in The Bridge Over River Qua, The Roman Invasion Suite, The Paraguay City Rollers, and Ebersole Versus Carberry....anyways, the new group, Murder Shoes, just released it's first single off our new EP. The song, "Maybe You Can" was recorded by Knol Tate who also did the rest of the EP, which will be out May 1st via Land Ski Records. Check out the preview single here!

AND in somewhat related Eels news, here's a poster for an upcoming Murder Shoes show that utilizes an unused narrative that was supposed to come from ex-wuppeteer, Armistead Fowler!

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